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If you suffer from dental anxiety, you should talk with your dentist about sedation dentistry. Your dentist will talk with you about which types of sedation are available, and which on will be work best for your procedure.

One method of sedation that will leave the patient relaxed but completely awake and aware involves taking a medication orally prior to the procedure. It is often one or two pills that are prescribed by the dentist and must be taken as directed by the dentist in order to have the proper effect

Typically, under oral sedation, the patient is fully awake during the surgery. Depending on the procedure, the dental staff may monitor your vital signs. Your dentist will want you to have someone drive you home after your appointment, since you may still be drowsy from the sedative. Not only will you have to recover from your procedure, but you will need time for the effects of the medication to wear off.

To find out more about your options for sedation dentistry and whether or not oral sedation is right for you, talk to our dentist, Dr. Ravi Aulakh. If you would like to schedule an appointment at AZ Dental in San Jose, California, call 408-247-5500 today to plan your visit.