At AZ Dental, we want to ensure that you always receive the best treatment possible. To do this, it is important for us to be aware of your medical history and other vital information. For your convenience, we have provided our forms online. We welcome you to review these forms and complete them prior to your appointment. This can help your visit with our doctors go more smoothly and shorten your wait time. If you have any questions about our forms, please feel free to contact our office! We also welcome you to contact us to schedule your appointment for first-rate dental care in San Jose, California, with our dentists, Drs. Nipa Sheth, Victoria Furman, and Valerie De Leon; and our specialists, Drs. Allan Pang, Lynna Bui, The Phan, Anthony Nguyen, Hesham Amer, and Anastasios Photopoulos.