Gums that are infected by periodontal disease typically begin to recede up the teeth and create pockets. Inside of these pockets, plaque and bacteria can build up and feed your infection, making it worse. At AZ Dental, Dr. Bui can detect early signs of periodontal disease and recognize if any pockets have formed. If your gums have formed pockets, you may require pocket irrigation in San Jose, California. Our periodontist combines her skill and gentle touch to clean your pockets and help get your oral health back on track. If you have gum disease, contact us at 408-247-5500 and schedule your appointment to learn if you require pocket irrigation.

Pocket irrigation is a common treatment used to clean out pockets that have forms in the gums around your teeth. This treatment may also be known as oral irrigation. If pockets have formed around your teeth and they are left untreated, plaque and bacteria can continue to build up and cause greater damage to your smile.

During a pocket irrigation treatment, our periodontist will use a handheld tool with a small point, called a pocket irrigator. This tool uses water to clean out your pockets. By shooting water out of a narrow point, our doctor can target your gum pockets and use the pressure to push out bacteria and plaque. In many cases, this treatment is combined with other periodontal treatments, such as pocket reduction. Pocket irrigators can also be used during your routine dental checkups as a way to more quickly and gently remove food debris, plaque, and other substances from your teeth. With a pocket irrigator, our doctor can provide you with a better treatment to keep your smile healthy.

Pocket irrigation is a treatment that you can also perform at home. Many stores sell at-home pocket irrigators, and our periodontist may recommend that you use one to continue your treatments between your visits to your office. Just like our pocket irrigators, at-home pocket irrigators use water to clean our pockets and to clean between the teeth. If you would like more information about pocket irrigation, we welcome you to call or visit our practice. We are happy to answer any questions.