When visiting the dentist, it is common for Drs. Sheth, Furman, and De Leon to discuss your flossing and brushing habits. However, did you know there are many other oral hygiene aids you can use to care for your smile. If your smile could benefit from additional protection, our dentists may discuss several options with you during your appointment at AZ Dental. You can find many of these oral hygiene aids in San Jose, California, at your local stores. By including some of these additional aids into your oral care, you may find your smile to be healthier and more beautiful than ever! Please feel free to contact us at 408-247-5500 with any questions, and to schedule your next appointment.

Oral hygiene consists of the routine practices you do at home to care for your smile. Most of the time, we only hear about brushing and flossing your teeth every day. While both of these are essential to maintain good oral health, there are several other oral hygiene aids that you can use to increase your defense against plaque and harmful bacteria. Some of the most common oral hygiene aids include:

  • Tongue cleaners: some toothbrushes have this attached to the back of the head. You can also buy these separately at any market that sells toothbrushes. Use tongue cleaners to gently scape off bacteria that causes bad breath.
  • Interdental cleaners: interdental cleaners consist of anything that cleans between your teeth, including floss. However, if floss cannot reach all the areas around your teeth, there are small picks and brushes that can bend and reach those difficult spots. If you have hard time flossing, interdental cleaners can be great for your oral health.
  • Mouth rinses: after flossing and brushing, mouth rinses can remove any food particles or bacteria that was missed. Mouth rinses also help get rid of bad breath. Be sure to swish all around your mouth and through your teeth.
  • Oral irrigators: these are more commonly known as waterpicks, and they can be used to clean between and around the teeth more thoroughly. If you have gum disease, these can also help clean out pockets at home between your dental visits.

We welcome you to call or visit our practice with any questions you may have, and to learn about other oral hygiene aids you can use at home.