When you visit AZ Dental, our periodontist may recommend that you receive an antibiotic treatment in addition to any of your other periodontal treatments. Antibiotics can be a very effective addition to treat your periodontal disease, as they can continue to fight against harmful bacteria after you leave our office. If you are interested in receiving periodontal antibiotic treatments in San Jose, California, we welcome you to contact us at 408-247-5500 and discuss your options with Dr. Bui.

When gum disease if left untreated, it turns into periodontal disease, which is more advanced and can cause greater damaged to your teeth, gums, and bone. In most cases, you may maintain symptoms of basic gum disease, such as irritated, inflamed, and bleeding gums. In addition, however, your gums will begin to recede and create pockets around your teeth where bacteria can build up and feed your infection. Depending on the severity of your condition, our periodontist may recommend that you be treated with some antibiotics as well. There are several options for antibiotic treatment that are available, and our doctor may use one or more of the following antibiotics:

  • Tetracycline antibiotics: this collection of antibiotics is taken orally and is used to treat periodontal disease.
  • Macrolide antibiotics: a collection of oral antibiotics to decrease the growth of periodontal bacteria and inflamed gums.
  • Atridox®: topical gel that is rubbed on the gum’s surface. It hardens and releases antibiotics throughout a few days.
  • PerioChip®: a chip made of antibiotics, placed under the gum surface after completing a scaling and root planing treatment. This chip will slowly release antibiotics over several days.
  • Actisite®: antibiotic strip similar to floss, coated in tetracycline hydrochloride. The strip is placed between the tooth and gums, killing bacteria and helping reduce the size of gum pockets.
  • Arestin®: antibiotic capsules placed under the surface of the gums after root and planing, releasing antibiotics throughout several days.

Topical gels and oral antibiotics can prove to be very effective in treating periodontal disease. Any of the above options and others may prove to be effective for you, and our periodontist will help you know which one is right for you. We welcome you to call or visit us with any questions, and for more information.