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The time has come to embolden your smile. Although not all smiles are designed to be perfect in every way, you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot by taking any chances for a better smile through the use of unclean or unhealthy substances or partaking in any unhealthy activities that can easily damage your smile. Instead, exercise caution with all forms of dental damage and protect yourself as best you can.

One of the common forms of dental damage that can arise, is through high-risk activities such as sports. Sports can easily destroy your smile in seconds if you’re not careful. This includes contact sports and other similar games. Always make sure to wear the appropriate safety equipment whenever possible. This can include helmets, mouth guards, and face masks.

If you are involved with any unhealthy habits including smoking or using drugs, be aware that they can severely damage your oral health. Not only will they immediately damage your teeth and leave you with bad breath and stained teeth, but they can also slowly deteriorate your teeth and gums and even cause cancer and infections to arise.

Another common cause of dental damage is mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry can lead to nerve damage, infections, cracked teeth, choking, oral inflammation, and infections.

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