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Are you in need of a set of dentures? If so, consider the benefits that removable dentures can provide. Dentures are a tooth replacement prosthetic that can easily improve your smile by filling in voids and replacing lost or missing teeth. If left untreated, lost or missing teeth can increase the risk for tooth decay and could destabilize your gums and cause tooth slippage to occur.

If you do decide on a pair of dentures, you must be sure to take care of them as you would your normal teeth. However, normal cleaning products should not be used. This includes abrasive toothpaste and toothbrushes. In addition, avoid using teeth whitening gels, hot water, bleach, or any other abrasive cleaning material that can easily damage your dentures. To keep your dentures clean, they should be removed and soaked in a cleaning solution every night.

Always make sure your dentures are soaked in a solution when not in use. If you fail to do so, they can easily dry out and crack. Furthermore, be careful in handling your dentures as they are fragile and can easily break. Never try to fix your dentures yourself if an accident should occur. Instead, visit your dentist so that a repair or replacement can be given.

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