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The first signs of gum disease in your smile should send you to AZ Dental for professional dental treatment immediately. It’s important to address the early stages of gum disease to prevent an advanced condition that costs you your smile.

Gum disease can lead to a variety of other dental health complications, ranging in severity from bad breath and gums that are bleeding, swollen and tender to the loss of teeth and bone. Without proper treatment, gum disease continues to advance to a serious periodontal infection, which is why you should seek immediate gum treatment when you first notice gum disease symptoms.

Our doctors and our team can help you review your options for gum disease treatment. Depending on your needs, you may need to receive a deep cleaning, root canal therapy and dental crowns. We encourage you to do your part to treat gum disease at home by keeping your smile in good shape. This involves maintaining daily tooth brushing and flossing habits—with a fluoride toothpaste—eating healthy foods low in sugar and acid and avoiding the use of tobacco products.

Please feel free to speak with our dentists if you have questions about gum disease in San Jose, California. You are welcome to contact AZ Dental at 408-247-5500 today for a consultation.