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Do you have pain in your teeth? If so, one of the best things to do to eliminate the pain is define it, which means to identify the source of the problem. Now, your dentist, Dr. Ravi Aulakh, is most likely the best person to do this, but you can give it a shot before your appointment at AZ Dental. Some causes of tooth pain include:

-Tooth damage: When you chip or break a tooth or damage a dental restoration, there is a good chance tooth pain could be involved. If you did one of these things, it’s best to save the pieces and take them to the dental office with you when you go in for an emergency appointment.

-Tooth decay: When bacteria attack the teeth and harm the enamel, it creates a hole in the tooth’s surface, which is called a cavity. This can cause major pain. If you have a cavity, it’s best to visit your dentist and treat it right away before it spreads and gets worse.

-Tooth infection: When tooth decay spreads to the nerves and pulp of the tooth, it creates an infection, which is very painful. To treat it, oral surgery, like a root canal, is oftentimes needed.

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