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Caring for your smile often requires prevention of dental damage that can occur. However, even if you keep it as clean as you can and avoid risks as often as you can, damages and hazards can still arise. If you should ever suffer any sort of traumatic injury that has resulted in the loss of any teeth, a tooth prosthetic will be needed. If you’re looking for a permanent replacement that can attach to nearby or neighboring teeth, a fixed partial denture, also known as a dental bridge, will be required.

Dental bridges are effective because they are permanent prosthetics designed to attach to nearby teeth in your mouth with a solid anchor that can provide a lifetime of durability. Dental bridges are typically made out of metal or porcelain materials to give you the improved aesthetics and proper function of a durable tooth replacement.

Dental bridges are highly effective for preventing other teeth from slipping out of their positions, and can even help with flexibility. They’re also highly effective for space maintenance and can improve abilities to chew, speak, and eat.

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