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If you’re like many people, you handle stress by “getting a grip” or “keeping a stiff upper lip.” You hold it all in and do your best to get through it. Well, little did you know, keeping your stress stored like that can hurt your smile. In fact, it can cause teeth grinding, which is a destructive habit that can wear your teeth down and even cause tooth cracks. It’s best to deal with your stress and eliminate your teeth grinding habits.

Teeth grinding isn’t just caused by stress. It can also be caused by anxiety, sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, missing teeth, crooked teeth and more. It can even be caused by smoking and drinking alcohol. So, no matter the cause of your teeth grinding, it’s best to treat the problem and protect your teeth. Some symptoms involved in teeth grinding include dull headaches, worn-down teeth, broken teeth, jaw soreness, painful teeth, loose teeth and chipped teeth.

When visiting your dentists, Drs. Nipa Sheth, Victoria Furman, and Valerie De Leon, for treatment, they will determine the underlying cause of the grinding and will either provide treatment or give you ideas on how to treat it at home. While treating the problem, you will need to protect your teeth. Our dentists will help you do so by creating a customized night guard that fits perfectly over your arch of teeth. This can prevent the grinding and keep your smile in the best shape possible.

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